You Can Cool Your Home Easier By Following Goettl Air Conditioning’s Instructions

Summer not only brings hot temperatures that you often look for relief from, but also increased cooling costs since your air conditioner needs to run more frequently. But one of the HVAC industry’s top-rated companies, Goettl Air Conditioning says people can do things to their home that could save hundreds in cooling costs. Goettl is a highly trusted company that hires certified HVAC technicians and has delivered top quality customer service in both installations and repairs of heating and cooling units.

Goettl says that adding insulation to your home is one of the first steps to making it cooling efficient because you can prevent extra heat from coming in in places like the attic or where more sunlight comes through. You should also have the condenser placed in a shady area outdoors but far enough away from trees where it might collect debris. But Goettl also says it’s you should have your air conditioner serviced at least twice a year because simple routines such as changing the filters and checking the motor can prolong its life by quite a bit.

Goettl Air Conditioning’s history as one of the leading HVAC contractors in the US began in 1939 when the Goettl brothers started an industrial HVAC service company in Phoenix that survived even in the Great Depression and picked up a lot of business in World War II. The company became a manufacturer of HVAC systems and was sold several times over the last 50 years including most recently to Ken Goodrich who helped it rebound from financial problems. Goodrich has not only hired one of the most solid teams around him, he’s also made community involvement in the Phoenix and Las Vegas areas a big part of business. He recently led the acquisitions of Las Vegas Air, Paradise Air and Walton’s Heating and Air. You can visit their Facebook page.

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  1. Caroline Camren

    November 23, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    Quite interesting tips for anyone who wants to save some bucks. HVAC has been great to homes according to essay mama review with their quality repairs. Indeed, I have always known Goettl Air Conditioning for offering professional services and I have always used them which I can boldly recommend to any one.

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