A small, independent wine merchant, United Kingdom Vintners (UKV PLC) acquires and sells wines regarded highly by investors and wine enthusiasts. Investing in wine is becoming increasingly popular, as people are turning more toward investments in physical goods as opposed to shares in an asset, which they do not fully control.

Once a person buys a bottle of wine from UKV PLC, it is theirs to do with as they please. While serious investors leave the wine in bonded storage warehouses under perfect conditions, which the wine merchant arranges, they may place the wine in their own cellar, sell it at any time or consume it, options not available with most other types of investment products. In fact, clients may request a valuation of their investment wine at any time from UKV PLC, who also valuate private collector’s wines, since the firm is always looking to increase their stock of fine wines to offer to their clients.

On LinkedIn, UKV PLC offers personalized service from their team of fine wine experts who will meet with individuals and assist them with selecting wine or champagne from one of Europe’s leading vineyards as an investment or to consume. The wine merchant will meet with clients at their offices, on the telephone or a location of the client’s choice. On Twitter, the wine merchant offers tips about food pairings and posts links about trends in the industry.

By giving monthly donations to The Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, UKV PLC helps provide support to families with a child who has a terminal illness. Additionally, Charles Agutter, director of United Kingdom Vintners, urges his wealthy clientele to consider making a donation as well.

Reference: http://ukvplc.com/Accessories