Securus Technologies is a communications system that is bringing inmates and their loved ones closer by allowing them to communicate with one another via methods of video conferencing. It is a form of visitation that may be more convenient for both inmates and their visitors. Not only might it be more convenient for both parties, but it may also be one that would enable them to engage in visitation sessions more frequently. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful communications program, please do not hesitate to contact one of the customer service representatives. They are fully and properly trained to assist any and all current and/or prospective users of the system, whether they are inmates themselves or their visitors.


Although Securus Technologies is offering a communications platform that enables inmates to communicate with their visitors via means of videoconferencing under pretenses of confidential terms, it is important for both parties of the communications to be aware that it may be monitored by law enforcement officials, thus, always encouraging them to keep conversations clean and crime-free. Securus technologies has had a role in deterring crimes as well as solving them, thus, making it a great option for all parties who are involved with the communications of Securus Technologies. If you would like to be kept current on the latest news and/or mission statements of Securus Technologies, please note that there is a press release section in the website which is updated regularly. Please do not hesitate to visit it, as it may be beneficial for you to learn about what the company is currently up to. The engineers and designers of the system has gone to great extents to ensure all users of the program will be satisfied with its utilization.