Why Michael Brown’s Theft Matters

The Michael Brown saga just gets uglier. You should know this story by now. A black man is killed by the police and riots ensue. A national debate erupts over racial profiling. There is a lot of questioning over whether Michael was shot for no reason aside from being black. Now his family is literally fighting each other over selling merchandise with Michael’s image on it.

People are so quick to jump to conclusions without waiting for the facts. This is mostly due to the prevailing opinion that the police are not to be trusted. Even when you take that into account, isn’t it a little far-fetched to think that a police officer saw a black man walking in the middle of the street and said to himself “I think I’ll kill this black man today”?

Many will claim that the fact that Michael had just robbed a convenience store was not important. Here is why it is. It showed Michael’s mindset. He snatched a box of rolling papers and when the owner tried to stop him, Michael actually shoved him and left.

Armed with this knowledge you can then surmise that when a police officer tells Michael to get out of the middle of the road, it is possible that Michael would respond in a similar manner. He could have approached the cop in a threatening manner, Igor Cornelsen tells me just like he had done hours before to the store owner.

Let’s also not forget that Michael may have thought that the police officer was after him for the theft he had just perpetrated.

All of this does not mean that Michael did come after the police officer. What it does mean is that the officer’s story is surely possible.

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  1. Greg Brownfield

    December 19, 2016 at 6:01 pm

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