Kate Hudson, known originally as an accomplished actress, is now picking up just as much steam as a business woman and spokesperson with her line of fashionable athletic wear. Fabletics launched headfirst into the fashion world starting as a small company focused on quality and customer satisfaction, and is now a massive online and retail force in the industry.

A large amount of this success comes from their commitment to quality. In fact, the company went so far as to send back their first order of inventory. Worth $300,000, they got rid of it all and delayed their launch because the initial inventory did not meet their standards, and they wanted better for their customers. Another large contributor to their success is their attention to consumer data, so they can keep up with the members of the service and what the people enjoy the most. This way, they can keep up a stock of the most popular clothes, and provide helpful suggestions to each customer of what might be most favorable to them. With all this work in analysis, it would be easy to think Kate Hudson would leave it to the hands of company members. Well, that couldn’t be more wrong.

Kate Hudson is hands on in all the work that goes down at Fabletics. She works on the social media strategies, design, sales and sale analyses, and making sure everything stays fresh. Kate also uses her own product, in absolute assurance that it is the best out there.

So how exactly does Fabletics analyze their consumer data to provide the best quality and most fashionable athletic wear in the business? It’s a breakthrough process called “reverse showroom technique”. Where many companies have customers browsing in person at stores, and then buying the same product online for a cheaper price, Fabletics was able to counter this approach to shopping. Starting as an online business with a membership model, and then opening retail stores allowed Fabletics to gather a reputation as a company that offers the most recent and highest quality goods; all for half the price of competing. A reputation built by engaging with their customers. When someone goes to order something off of Fabletics, they take a brief quiz so the company can offer products that match the preferences of the consumer. Then, as a member, stores that information and uses it to send more suggestions and deals on what the consumer wants to buy. This allows them to know what they need to stock, so they are best serving the customer in both online and retail factions of the store.

It’s simple to see that Fabletics wants nothing but the best for their customers. Providing the latest in fashionable athletic attire, making personalized suggestions as to what each customer may want, and making the highest quality products possible, all are the focus of the Fabletics company.

Do you want to get started in building a Fabletic wardrobe for yourself, take the lifestyle quiz at their website here!

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