Gregory James Aziz has been the CEO of National Steel Car for some time now. Part of Gregory J Aziz’s job is to ensure that all of their clients come and go completely satisfied with their experience.

Below you will find the official welcome letter from Gregory Aziz to his clients on the official site.


“The cornerstone of any great business are the people who get served. We at National Car Steel take this very seriously. We are not only proud of the work we have done, but we are very proud of the people who we have come to call “our family”.

We have more than 100 years of experience within the railroad freight and tank manufacturing industry. We have lived by our promise. We will die by our promise to our customers. Our clients have put a lot of faith in us over the years. We do not wish to do anything that will take away from this promise.

We are always looking to do better. We are always looking for a way to raise the bar for our excellence. We welcome our client’s input. Anything we can do to make your experience with us more enjoyable, we will do it.

We have been honor by many. However, we do not live in our “past achievements and records”. We look to the future, always the future. As CEO I will do whatever is necessary to extend our longevity. I have not only spoken to our many clients, but I have listened and heard what they have had to say.


It is our deep sense of loyalty and duty that allows us to move forward. We have learned the lessons of the past and apply them to the endeavors for our future.

This is who we are as a company. This is who I am as a man and business leader. This is who you are as our customers. Help us pave the way to a new day as we continue to work our efforts in concert with your needs.

To my new friends, I say welcome.

To my old friends, I say hello.

To everyone, including my staff, I say I cannot do this without you”.

Gregory James Aziz, CEO of National Steel Car

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