By his own account, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described Socialist Democrat, is amazed by the size of the crowds showing up to see him on the campaign trail. It isn’t the sheer size of the crowds either that have the 73-year-old politician energized. It is also the fact that no other candidate in either party can match the size of his events.

In addition to the crowd size, they are proving to be too large to be contained in his chosen venues. His most recent trip to Iowa saw over 700 people in attendance. The crowd was too large for the auditorium forcing some to have to stand outside. Nor are the large crowds limited to the early primary voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Sanders recently held an event in Minnesota that drew a reported crowd of 5,000 people. In his own words, Sam Tabar said the crowds are so large as to throng and press against the senator as he makes his way to the stage. At a recent event in the town of Kensett, Iowa, population 266, organizers expected 75 people to attend with the highest estimate at 125. A total of 300 people showed up which was greater than the town’s population. At this point, it appears that voters are starting to look at Sanders seriously to decide if he is just a sparring partner for Hillary Clinton or a true viable liberal alternative for the Democrat Party‚Äôs presidential nomination according to Laywerist.