Ukraine Accuses Russia of Infiltrating with Tanks

This Friday afternoon Ukrainian military spokesman Andriy Lysenko stated to the media that the mobilisation of military equipment and Russian mercenaries to the front lines crossed the line of permissible conduct, and needs to be reprimanded.

This mobilization of dangerous military equipment and troops included 16 big artillery guns, as well as 30 trucks occupied with troops, ammo, and many tanks.

This comes after five Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the last 24 hours, he continues.

At the same time Kiev has not accused the rebels with the recent spat of attacks.

On his side, the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko described the event as a distinctive break to the ceasefire signed on September the fifth at minsk, which was supposed to help save the lives of more than four thousand, and stabilise the conflict in the eastern region.

However, these claims were refuted by Yuri Ushakov, the foreign policy advisor in the Kremlin, and stated that Russia is committed to the fifth of September agreement and encourages talks.

In the meanwhile, the NATO, which accuses Russia of attempts to destabilize the region, stated that if those claims of military intervening were confirmed, this would be a stark proof that Russia has interests in the region being unstable.


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    May 4, 2017 at 11:03 am

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