The United States Senate passed a $1.1 trillion budget on the evening of December 13, 2014, narrowly avoiding a government shutdown. Earlier in the day, Senate voted for a continuing resolution that extended the deadline, but was able to settle that evening on a 56-40 bipartisan vote that sounded pretty good to Sam Tabar.

Voting early on Saturday, the Senate granted a short, 48-hour extension with hopes Congress would be able to pass the $1.1 trillion budget package. Although, as noted by The Washington Post, the bill was held up in the House due to opposition from the Democratic Party, the main opposition it faced in Senate was from conservatives.

Mainly, conservatives attempted to push measures to block funding to the Department of Homeland Security which would be used to carry out President Obama’s recent executive actions regarding immigration. Although ultimately overturned, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas entered an point-of-order objection in regarding conservatives concerns on funding the executive action. Senator Cruz’ objection was defeated and the final vote on the bill took place soon after.