Troy McQuagge The President and CEO Of USHEALTH Awarded The Gold Winner By One Planet Award

Troy McQuagge is the current CEO and President of the USHEALTH Group. He joined the company in the year 2010. At which point, he was the CEO and a member of the board of directors. Three years after joining the company, his efforts in the company were recognized and he received his first promotion. He was voted to be the Executive Vice President and The Chief Marketing Officer. A year later, he was again promoted and became president of the company. Under his leadership, the company has become a market leader. It is no longer the USHEALTH Group that people knew in 2010. Since his appointment to be the head of the company, USHEALTH has grown by ten folds. Their price share has also increased by more than a 1000%.


If you think am praising this insurance wizard because I know him personally, you are wrong. But, I have been around long enough to witness the changes that have been happening at the company since his appointment to be president and CEO of the company. And, he has been honored by One Planet Award as being the CEO of the Year.


One Planet Award is one of the most prestigious awards that recognizes CEOs, from all types of firms, for their excellence. Any organization, regardless of the part of the world, can participate by nominating a candidate. So, you can imagine how bright McQuagge shone, to have been selected from all those top-performing CEOs. He went home a Gold Winner of the Award.


On being awarded the Gold winner, Troy McQuagge commented that he was very happy to have been a winner. He however mentioned that everyone in his team deserved the medal. He commended them for their good work saying that were it not for their support through good work, then he would not have won.


About USHEALTH Group Inc.

USHEALTH is a leading insurance company that is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. They provide insurance plans for small businesses and individuals. The company thrives in offering cut-edge customer service and innovative insurance plans.