Orthopedic procedures deal with muscles and skeletons in the human body. Orthopedic cases have lately been on the rife. Arguably, one of the leading cause of orthopedic cases is the strenuous work regimes we are engaging in as we struggle to make ends meet. The good news is professionals like Dr. Greg Finch have all the tools and skills needed to cure the condition.

Dr. Greg Finch is a specialist orthopedic surgeon well trained in all areas dealing with spinal surgery but with a keen interest in minimally invasive spine surgery.

Dr. Greg Finch hold FRACS, a distinction awarded to surgeons in Australia upon completing twelve years minimum surgical and medical education. Dr. Grey is a member of the Australian Orthopaedic Association, the Spine society of Australia and the north American Spine society NASS. In addition to his specialty, Dr. Greg Finch is able to perform most of the common orthopedic procedures too. Some of these procedures include.

Total joint replacement.

This one of the popular orthopedic procedures. Note, patients seeking total joint replacement procedures are those with severe cases of arthritis. It helps relieve pain and increases range of motion. Normally with this procedure, the surgeon addresses the damaged parts of the joint by replacing them with plastic or metal surfaces, naturally shaped to restore back the knee to normal functioning status.

Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is necessitated due to a number of reason; top on the list however is the back pain. The most popular type of spine surgery is the Spinal Fusion. This process involves the surgeon joining the spinal bone- vertebrates- together. Initially this limits motion between the vertebrates but gradually results to less back pains and better body fitness.

These are the most common orthopedic procedures today; however, their list is endless. Pay attention to your body, notice any small anomaly in terms of severe pain and seek the services of a professional orthopedic, Dr. Greg Finch, if possible.