Todd Lubar has had success in many different fields during his career. The businessman and entrepreneur has been involved in many different business ventures and has most recently found great success in real estate. One of his dreams as a businessman has been to help others achieve their own dreams of owning a home and has helped many families become the homeowners that they have always wanted to be. Since 2013, Todd Lubar has been the President of TDL Ventures. TDL Ventures has made the prospect of homeownership less daunting by making the process simpler and less time consuming for everyone involved.

Even as a young child, Todd Lubar had a keen sense of business and sold different drinks on the streets of Washington D.C. at the age of 7. During winter storms when he couldn’t make money selling lemonade, he earned income by shoveling the driveways of his neighbors before his school day started. His hard work and perseverance that he showed as a child continued into his adult years except for the businesses he works with involve considerably more capital than a simple lemonade stand. Along with building his own companies, he consults other business owners to help them along the way. Check out for more.

Todd Lubar motivation in a positive way for his teammates to help everyone involved achieves success. Positivity is always a better way to motivate others as opposed to a negative approach. He tries to make everyone on his team feel like an equal and encourages everyone involved including himself to be transparent about their actions and opinions. To be successful in business, Todd Lubar believes in keeping your entire life successful and not just while you’re at work. From keeping your home and car organized to maintaining a healthy family life, everything needs to be a balance.

Todd Lubar holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University though it can be argued that much of his business education was achieved by just doing it. His success is motivated by his fear of not achieving his goals and not getting another paycheck, a fear that was instilled in his younger years and continued. You can visit their Twitter page.

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