Businesses all around are starting to pay attention to the new database software company, NuoDB. But, just who or what is NuoDb?
NuoDB is a database software company that is boasting new elastic Structured Query Language(SQL), which is the way one communicates with a database, mostly to upload applications so the owner of the business has constant access to a potential workforce and customer market.
So what exactly is an elastic SQL? Well, it’s the ability to have a constantly growing use of a database. Imagine an infinitely stretching bag, that will stretch to store and transport as many applications as you may need. It’s a software that allows users to adjust operations without having to mess with the application logic.
Does it work? Ask the non-profit fundraising company, CauseSquare. It’s a service comparable to GoFundMe, in the sense that people apply to raise money for a cause or service. Now, CauseSquare has over 100 and counting organizations using their service. Keeping up with these numbers was made possible using the NuoDB elastic SQL software.
Overall, NuoDB is a go-to for any company wanted to grow in their operations. Essential to a company upscaling of a great degree!