The reclusive hermit kingdom announced today that no one is allowed to name their kid Jong-un, most likely as a means of strengthening the ruling family’s legacy. Despite insuring they are interwoven into the every day lives of their subjects with portraits of former rulers Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il adorning every house in the country. Not to mention that their birthdays are national holidays and there isn’t a major city in North Korea where you can’t find at least one statue dedicated to each man. This all seems a bit weird to Tom Rothman.
However it seems that the ruling family now wants a monopoly on the name of their current ruler, Kim Jong-un. Jong-un is a very common Korean name for both men and women akin to John or Katherine in western countries. You can see this here, which is a list of common korean baby names in both the north and south. This isn’t a new policy however, as a similar ban was in effect during the rules of both Kim Il-sund and Kim Jong-il. In the eyes of the hermit kingdom there can only be one.