Whitney Wolfe takes her role as the CEO of bumble very seriously. She is dedicated to her mission of getting people to look at the dating industry in a much different way. Everyone that has used a dating app before is well aware that the dating game can be quite tricky. Many people sign up to a large number of apps, and most people do not check there profiles on a regular basis. The reason that people do this is because they are trying to connect to as many people as possible in order to minimize the amount of time that they look for someone.

What Whitney Wolfe has managed to do is change the way that people think about the concept of dating. She has helped more people gain dating success because she has implemented a 24-hour time period with a 24-hour extension. This gives people a total 48 hours to decide if they are going to make a match or disregard the message. Specifically, this gives women the chance to make the first move.

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So many people have been able to benefit from this type of dating app because it gives people access to a much more responsive group. With a specific time to set in motion it makes people anticipate the response. They know if there is no response that they can move on to the next person. This is great because all of the waiting for someone to respond that may never respond is a thing of the past. That is what men love about Bumble that Whitney Wolfe created. She knew that she was doing something very special when she made her decision to bring this app to the the community of apps were in place. Whitney Wolfe knew that she was creating something different.

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