Terry Bradshaw is an individual who has really found a great deal of success for himself in the world of sports and also in the world of television. During his NFL career Terry was one of the most successful quarterbacks in the league. He used this success and fame to help create a name for himself in the world of television as well. With such a recognizable face it was easy for Terry to make the transition into sports TV. As such a talented sports commentator and a sports analyist it is easy to see how Terry is a household name today.

One of Terry’s most successful shows to date has to be Today in America. This is a show that has helped Terry break away from the stereotypical role of solely a sports caster. In this show Terry is the host of a segment that focuses on many different key issues that are affecting our world. One example of this is when Terry was addressing the complex economy that we have today. He was commenting on the fact that it is very difficult for small businesses to go to the bank and get a loan anymore. This is when he introduced Madison Street Capital. In this episode Terry shows his knowledge of venture capitalism and shares the ins and outs of this with viewers alike. This is where Terry truly shines as more than just a sports analyst.

Madison Street Capital is a venture capital firm that takes a slightly different approach to venture capital than most firms. Working hand in hand with the leaders and CEOs of these companies that are being funded is at the core of Madison Street capital’s belief system. Madison Street capital isn’t just looking to hook companies up with some quick funding, they really want to see these companies succeed. This is why there is such a close relationships with all of the leaders and CEOs of companies that are receiving funding from Madison street capital. Madison Street capital trudges forward to create a new benchmark for many other venture captial frims and the way that they can interact with their customers on a deeper level.