The world these days has become so serious with all the politics and the economic crisis that has been taking over the life of everyone in it. People have lost that glow in themselves and that twinkle in their eyes.

They have also lost that which makes them such incredible creatures that know how to get on with life with a smile on their face when they have been hit hard with problems. The world has really dimmed down and this is due to all the problems that it has faced especially in the past decade.

People like Keith Mann were hit by the recession hard and it just went downhill from then and the smile on people’s faces faded from then on. There is one prominent soul that still longs to smile and not be deterred by the universe’s challenges that come to mankind but tackle them with all the optimism in the world.

This is the US president Barrack Obama. You can see the story that talks of how the upbeat Obama bids goodbye to a tough year as he made tough decisions such as lifting the freeze on diplomatic relations with Cuba, and see just how President Obama is taking the challenges that come his way with zeal and courage which is a very good example for the other citizens and people in the world.