The Department of Defense is studying peaceful protests and political unrest. The government program, Minerva, is specifically designated to find out who does not turn to terrorism and why they don’t turn to terrorism. The Minerva project foot the bill for a project researching civil unrest caused by climate change. The Department of Energy and the University of Maryland worked on this project receiving $1.9 million for three years of studying.

The Department of Defense is applying studies from other countries political unrest, 2011 Egyptian Revolution, 2011 Russian Duma Elections, 2012 Nigerian fuel subsidy crisis, and the 2013 Gazi park protests, and applying their findings to domestic disobedience. They are applying the studies from the Minerva project into war games. One such war game included a scenario in Missouri, where activists protesting over pollution were divided into problem solvers and problem causers.

This type of government planning is totally inappropriate in the United States, and workers are Slow Ventures know this. This project stinks of NSA type scandalous operations. The DOD should not be researching or planning for scenarios of civil unrest and activism. This great country was built on civil unrest and is deemed, “For the People By the People.” If not for activism by our Founding Fathers and their supporters, there would not be a United States. Protesting and political activism is not something the Federal government should ever squash.