One of the hardest industries to build a new business in is the fashion and retail industry. For companies that are entering the industry, competing with national brands and dealing with the cash flow concerns can be a big problem. For those that are looking to enter the fashion industry, one company that can be great to emulate is The RealReal. The RealReal is a growing fashion retail brand that has continued to grow in some of the top markets in the country.

The RealReal has continued to be one of the top-growing retailers in the fashion industry due to its strong reputation for providing quality luxury products. The RealReal has a full line of clothing and accessories designed for adult men and women. Today, The RealReal sells a lot of their merchandise online and meets many of their customers through social media, word of mouth, and other forms of grass roots marketing. This has helped to build the company brand and sales from consumers and fashion experts has continued to grow as the brand awareness and quality reputation is developing.

One of the areas in which The RealReal will likely continue to grow is in its retail industry. The RealReal started to enter the brick and mortar fashion retail space just a few years ago. While many retailers like to start in a less competitive marketplace, The RealReal decided to open its first location in the heart of New York City. Knowing that they would have a lot of walk by traffic, the New York City location made a lot of sense for the business.

Ever since opening its first store, The RealReal has continued to see a lot of demand. It also seems that the retail store is acting as a great marketing tool and showroom for further online sales. Today, The RealReal is looking to expand into new markets across the country. Some other targets include top shopping spots in Chicago, Washington DC, and parts of California and Florida. The company will continue to offer great service and high-end luxury apparel and accessories for both men and women.