Jon Urbana is an individual who has many different talents across the board. Urbana was most recognized for his talents in the world of athletics, but his talents do not stop here. Urbana has created many different skills in the creative and business world. These skills only continue to grow with the many different projects that Urbana chooses to work on. Each new project that Urbana works on propels his skills to a whole new level. It is very exciting to see the drastic change that Urbana’s work is going through as his passions only continue to grow bigger and more entrancing.

Videography is a creative skill that Jon Urbana has been working very hard on for many years. His videography skills only continue to grow with the time and money investment that Urbana is putting into this creative art form. With the better equipment that Urbana chooses to invest in you can see the improvement in the quality of his videos. His emphasis in landscape and wildlife videography is a great expression of the creativity inside of Jon Urbana, in addition to his animated charity videos.

Urbana has been very well known for his skills in lacrosse. He was able to make an incredible name for himself in the world of collegiate athletics. This is something that has helped him to not only create a legacy in sports but in business as well. Urbana’s summer camp has helped many rookie lacrosse players to create the skills they need to excel in the sport. There are many lacrosse players that have found the skills that they need with their time at the Urbana lacrosse camp.

Urbana has also had a great deal of success in the world of fundraising. Jon Urbana has found a passion for helping others through the world of fundraising. His initial idea for fundraising came from his students at his summer camp. They helped him to realize different pressing issues that he could help with through his fundraising.

Music is something that Urbana has excelled in as well. His work with electronic music and acoustic music allowed him to create beautiful songs that have touched the lives of many.