When someone decides to start off on their investment journey, the strongest tool in their arsenal is the experts and idols they pick to follow. There are many great names in the industry who have elevated the knowledge of beginner investors and helped them become millionaires. That is the job of an investment guru – to spread the wealth of knowledge and to ensure that their followers are making the right call. They don’t usually align themselves with a company and even when they do, the motto of an investment expert is to always ensure that they are doing the right thing by their followers, ethically speaking.

Sadly, true experts are dwindling in the industry as ethically repugnant people like Kyle Bass continue to ensnare the common investor with their ludicrous ideas and theories. Here are some of the biggest failures of Kyle Bass in his long stint as an “investor” and “investment guru” –

•The Forever Crashing Economy Of Japan Theory – One of the constant monologues that have come from the direction of Kyle Bass have been regarding the Japan economy. Bass has constantly reiterated that the economy is going to crash, thereby leading to many investors liquefying their holdings in the nation. However, the more astute investors have found out the real reason behind this baseless theory – Kyle Bass stands to gain a lot if the stock market were to be in panic about Japan. He invested in some Japan property ages ago when his luck wasn’t so bad and by creating a hullabaloo about the crashing economy, Bass hopes to make his loan a bit cheaper to repay.

•Pharma Scheme – Putting pyramid schemers to shame, Kyle Bass and Erich Spangenberg have together come up with a scheme that is so devious and morally bankrupt that it is a miracle there are still logical people who listen to these two and the advice they offer. By simply suing Pharma companies, the stock market is thrown in disarray by Bass. Then, he makes money on the short sales that is generated as a result of the frivolous lawsuit. However, the law is not taking the Bass’ and Spangenberg duo so lightly anymore and soon, it would become impossible for evil schemers like these two to continue with their pharma schemes for long.

The sole reason why UsefulStooges feel Kyle Bass rose to such fame is because of a right judgment call he made at the beginning of his career. He correctly predicted the 2008 subprime crisis when he started and while others lost their entire life’s savings because of the global financial catastrophe, Bass remained stable and floating. Because of this call, people hailed him as the biggest guru the industry had ever seen after George Soros. His life after this initial call has been quite different, as is clear from his career trajectory.