Drew Madden is a Healthcare IT entrepreneur who has a profound passion about coming up with high-quality teams, an attractive company culture, as well as a trusted partnership with the clients. By its nature, healthcare information technology is a wide abstraction. It encompasses technology that helps in storing, sharing as well as analyzing patients and various health information. Most healthcare providers have adopted the use of healthcare information technology to improve in the patients care. Healthcare providers are not the only people who can take advantage of the health IT. An individual can use it to better their communication with his/her doctor, and at the same time share valuable information regarding the health wellness. Once a person is acutely aware of their health status, they can improve their quality of life.

In the year 2010, Drew Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners. It did not take long for him to be promoted to the position of the organization’s president. He served as its chairperson from the year 2011 to 2016. Nordic has remained the largest Epic consulting company. It has garnered various KLAS awards for being an excellent consulting company. Under the leadership of Drew Madden, Nordic was ranked number one for implemented Epic services from the year 2012 to 2014. During Drew Madden’s incumbency, Nordic experienced tremendous growth. Its employees increased from 19 to 725. The client partners rose from 3 to 150. The organization used to have an annual revenue of $ 1 million, but with the input of Drew Madden leadership, the amount significantly increased to $130 million.

The impeccable career of Drew Madden kicked off at Cerner Corporation. He was responsible for implementing in-patient clinical solution. Four years later, he joined the Healthia Consulting which was acquired by Ingenix Consulting. Ingenix is an affiliate company of United Healthcare, currently known as optuminsight. For four years he was the company’s a business developer and an Epic consultant. All the experience that Drew Madden has is supported with a BSE in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis on Medical Systems. He earned his education from Lowa College of Engineering. Drew Madden shares his knowledge on with his followers on Twitter.