Southridge Capital has an executive team highly experienced in financial strategies providing a full understanding of the marketplace. This structured finance team formed in 1996 and has made more than $1.8 billion in investments globally. They focus on growth companies and customize financing plans with expertise. They execute these plans for their clients faithfully. Southridge has financed in excess of 250 public companies. Their understanding of the concerns growing businesses face is unique. Their team advises on numerous corporate issues including the steps necessary to become a public company, optimized balance sheet management and individualized techniques for financing.

The CEO and Chairman of Southridge Capital is Stephen Hicks. He has announced the equity purchase agreement between Southridge Partners II LP and Elite Data Services Inc. of Dallas, Texas. As a technology company Elite Data Services Inc. implements software applications and is responsible for the advertising, marketing and control of their assets. Elite Data Services uses proprietary technologies of an advanced nature to focus on advertising and marketing solutions for the generation of revenue for the businesses already existing within certain sectors. This includes gaming, hospitality, automotive and more. Their technology profile is extensive and includes software development expertise and resources for content production. They are in an excellent position to deliver a new and exciting approach to the advertising and marketing model capable of replacing the more traditional contracts based on clients with increased revenue and secured asset value using their proprietary technologies. Stephen Hicks said their commitment is in placing investments in businesses like Elite Data Services. He believes in the innovative offerings they provide to the industries they are serving.

Southridge Capital is passionate about assisting their clients so they can achieve all of their goals. They are classified as a diversified financial holding business providing advisory and direct investment services to both middle and small market companies. Southridge Capital have the expertise and experience critical to their profession. They have a reputation for providing only the highest quality services to their clients. The plans they derive for their clients are always executed swiftly and efficiently without fail. You can visit their website

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