The coffee industry is a growing industry that has been an exponential growth pattern ever since became an important aspect of culture. What makes coffee a special product is the fact that it can be manipulated in multiple ways and have different natural flavors. Coffee is something that can be sold any where whether it be in a popular franchise or in a small local coffee shop or grocery store. Coffee is a universally loved product that offers both much needed calories as well as a special boost of energy that is need in order to complete a hard day of work.

One coffee brand in particular that has been recently making exponential growth is a brand name known as Organo Gold. Organo Gold was founded by the award winning Bernardo Chua who has extensive knowledge in the business industry and has utilized his experience and knowledge in order to further grow the business. Organo Gold is a company that was founded in 2008 on the basis of providing hot beverage drinkers with a healthy product that is also delicious.  In fact, Bernardo has commented on his Facebook, and frequently tweets about the necessity of a healthy drink that provides all the necessary benefits, but that’s also great tasting.

What makes Organo Gold a unique product is the fact that Organo Gold has a secret ingredient that is delicious as well as healthy for the body. This particular secret ingredient is called Ganoderma and is a fungus that has been used for medicinal purposes in Eastern medicine. Health advocate Bernardo Chua has been able to create a new way for Ganoderma to be naturally processed and transformed into a powdery substance that can be easily combined with a number of Organo Gold’s products. These certain products include hot cocoa, tea, as well as coffee.

Organo Gold’s use of Ganoderma has extended the company to now proudly announce that they are the first North American company to have organic Ganoderma plantations that are cared for by experts. The care that goes into taking care of the Ganoderma is a testament to the high quality product that Organo Gold offers.

What makes Organo Gold a special company is that the overall mission is to not only offer a world class product, but to also educate individuals on the importance of healthy living. Organo Gold is currently sold in over 35 different countries with even more future plans for expansion. Organo Gold offers a job to anyone who is in need of extra cash or who wants to be their own boss. The only requirement to work for Organo Gold is to love the product.