There is nothing wrong with making a few bucks on the speech-giving circuit. Athletes and celebrities do it and so do politicians. It seems a lot of people were willing to pay a lot of money to hear what Bill and Hillary Clinton had to say over the past year and a half.

The couple banked a cool $25 million for letting people know what they thought about a number of issues. There’s nothing wrong with making money for talking, but Hillary claims to be a candidate for the middle class, and there’s nothing middle class about her anymore.

Before the Clinton’s came to Washington, they were sort of middle class. But it didn’t take long for them to hit the financial jackpot. Both Clinton’s have the brains and the personality to make a lot of money, and they have done that at the expense of others according to reports from Republican leaders. What the Republicans say about the Clinton’s is taken with a grain of salt by half the country. Most Republicans are as guilty as Bill and Hillary according to the FreedomPop review.