With the introduction of information technologies and systems in the business industry, they have significantly enhanced data collection, storage, and protection. Data protection plays a huge role in ensuring current strategies and future business plans are always protected. Access to such sensitive data is protected by the use of passwords. However, as technology is evolving at an incredibly accelerated rate as well as the rise of cybercriminals, passwords do not offer the best method of guarding the business’s data. Currently, various multi-factor authentication methods have become obsolete because of hackers, password dumps, data leaks.

To ensure that data is always protected, a business should implement biometric technologies as their primary authentication security system. Biometric technologies offer the best authentication system as it employs two security categories for authentication, which are behavioral and psychological. Behavioral biometrics consists of hand tremor, keystroke patterns, navigation patterns, and handedness. Psychological biometrics consists of iris and facial pattern recognition, heartbeat, and voice recognition.

These two categories offer a secure method of authentication while working together with additional data such as device data or physiological biometrics. Together with passwords, these security measures will ensure that your company’s data remains protected at all times as well as providing controlled access to company data. There are instances where both behavioral and psychological biometrics has been successfully implemented, which offer an additional option of securing company data without using any form of passwords.


Despite the fact that the high-security levels offered by both psychological and behavioral biometrics to businesses, they also encounter several challenges in the day to day running of the business. As a business implements the use of psychological and behavioral biometrics as part of their security system, it must ensure that all of their employees can access and use every psychological and behavioral reader.

This means that a business will have to bear the high cost of purchasing the system together with all of the required devices such as iris scanners and fingerprint readers. It is also important that a business identifies the perfect combination of the available biometrics to purchase and implement in the business. This ensures that every employee can easily use them, while also operating within the business’s budget. In the end, the cost of these new security technologies will be worth the money as the data will always be monitored and secured.