Jose Henrique Borghi is the co-founder of the Mullen Lowe ad agency. He is currently the Co-chief executive officer and the chief creative officer of the agency. Borghi said that his interest in advertising was sparked when he saw a presentation of the winners of the Cannes Festival of Advertising. His sister had asked him to go and see the show at the Castro Mendes Theatre. He decided that he wanted to work in the field From that moment.

Jose studied advertising at the University and has held creative roles such as an art director and a copywriter. Mullen Lowe is one of the top three advertising agencies in Brazil today. This can be attributed to the talents of Jose Henrique Borghi. He has lived up to his position as the chief creative officer because of the response that his advertisements have gotten. Borghi has won many awards including 14 Cannes Lions at the festival. Borghi has distinguished himself because of his ability to come up with unique campaigns that have an enormous impact on people. He was the creative director behind Parmalat’s campaign that showed singing stuffed animals. Borghi was approached by CLAUDIA Magazine that is owned by GrupoAbril to develop an advertisement to commemorate International Women’s day. He proved himself by developing a unique advertisement that is relatable to people all over the world.

The ad is based on the 15-second Ad that runs on YouTube at the start of every video. The video contains text that says that a woman in the country will be assaulted in fifteen seconds. The message persists on the screen and the number of seconds changes as time goes. A disappearing message at the bottom says that the person watching the video can wait until the video starts but the woman being abused cannot do so. The video ends by asking everyone who watches the ad to denounce female violence and to fight against it. Borghi said that the video was intended to show women that they should speak out when they feel violated and make a complaint when they are assaulted. Learn More.