What is Unique about MB2?

MB2 is an organization that was established, built and is managed by dentists. The firm’s ownership is solely dentists whose objectives, persuasions about treatment and focus is geared towards the highest level of service. The organization created by coming together of dentists who had worked elsewhere has a management that is very understanding as the management is well versed with the challenges of dentists. Thus, these problems are solved as soon as possible and efficiencies eliminated to provide the dentists with ample time for patient care.

One of the core values of MB2 is that patients are a greater priority than profits such that, issues like low-quality services to increase profit margins and other malpractices are not part of the firm. Additionally, MB2 solutions maintain a network with other affiliated dentists and maintain the full autonomy of the clinical services. The affiliated offices who work with MB2 retain control over patient care.

A Ph.D. Holder by 23: The life of Dr. Akhil Reddy

It is amazing how Dr. Reddy Akhil was able to complete his doctoral studies by only 23 years. A man born and brought up in Texas, Reddy was all along passionate about entrepreneur and dentistry from a young age. He is a multi-talented person having played soccer in school, was a boy scout, played table tennis and was a member of the Red Cross. Dr. Reddy Akhil always enjoyed working on hands-on and activities that would require hand skills. Interestingly, he was also passionate about pursuing engineering.

However, for his undergraduate, he pursued his BSc. in Biological sciences from the University of the Pacific’s Accelerated Dental program. Later, he graduated from the University of Pacific, School of Dentistry with a Doctor in the degree of Dental Surgery at 23. On inquiry, he suggested focus and commitment have been key pillars in his success. He rarely procrastinates, responds to emails promptly, eliminates clutter and ensures that his pursuits feed his ultimate goal. This rich educational background was pivotal to his accomplishments in business and life in general.

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