What if businesses could harness the simplicity of e-mail to deliver an effective, customized face-to-face marketing experience to their customers? They can, and Talk Fusion can help.


Talk Fusion is just that – a company that helps businesses improve the power of their communication by fusing e-mail with personalized video in a way that makes busy readers inundated with marketing messages stop and take notice. Companies can now set themselves apart from others by integrating targeted video content that customers can watch instantly with no need to follow links to other websites, download plug-ins, or tolerate annoying pop-ups.


Talk Fusion helps businesses reach their clients with WebRTC (Real Time Communication) technology. This cutting edge advancement eliminates the many complicated steps computers have to follow to communicate with each other directly. Shared common codes allow the Talk Fusion application to launch personalized video directly from the recipient’s web browser, making real-time face-to-face communication or viewing custom video presentations almost as fast reading as traditional e-mail.


CEO and founder Bob Reina bills Talk Fusion as a comprehensive marketing solution. Serving clients as large as Norwegian Cruise Lines and as small as the mom-and-pop store on the corner, Talk Fusion offers a full gamut of video communication products including video calling, newsletters, fundraising appeals and video group meetings. No longer do businesses have to use multiple companies to meet their diverse video communication needs.


Like many popular integrated e-commerce platforms, Talk Fusion lets even the least tech savvy business add dynamic video to their marketing schemes with thousands of proven, simple-to-use templates for popular applications such as holiday greetings, appointment reminders, and special sale promotions. Colorful, unique, time-sensitive presentations can be created, uploaded, and shared seamlessly within minutes through any computer or mobile device.


Talk Fusion then goes one step further by offering critical analytics to help businesses replicate successful marketing efforts. Comprehensive reports provide detailed information about which customers opened e-mails, which links were clicked, and which communications were forwarded to others.


Talk Fusion services are currently sold via multi-level marketing and are available in multiple languages in over 140 countries. Bob Reina knows the rest of world is catching up, but believes Talk Fusion is well-positioned to keep innovating and expects the company will remain at the forefront of the one-stop video communication industry. Learn more:  http://alivenewspaper.com/2018/01/talk-fusion-wave-future/