Talkspace a Solution For Stigma

Depression carries the stigma of “crazy” or “basket case” by society, a label that has led many who suffer from depression to not seek help due to being looked down upon by others. Depression can happen to anyone, regardless of their roles in society. It’s a crippling disability and society’s ignorance of that fact only exacerbates the situation.

Chaya Beyla shares her story of divorcing a husband with antisocial personality disorder, leading to physical abuse and utter lack of sympathy. Having no understanding of what was affecting her husband, Beyla took the initiative to research her husband’s condition over the internet, leading her to realize it was almost impossible to treat. Such instability made the inevitable divorce especially arduous due to the very high possibility of violence on the part of the husband. Understanding a disease is the first step in curing or at least understanding it, and if society won’t take the initiative then it’s up to the individual to do so.

Enter Talkspace, a mobile app designed to aid those with mental illness, going above the call of duty to match a user with a qualified therapist with whom the user can converse with about their illness. This is an excellent option for those who lack the finances to speak with a therapist in person and takes every step to ensure a user is matched with a top-quality therapist who will actually listen and help those in need.

Talkspace’s existence proves that there are those who understand and won’t stigmatize someone due to a mental afflication beyond their control. Everyone needs and ear to talk to and Talkspace is there to provide it.