Take The Blame On The Bad Ideas In Politics

Some of the people who helped create Obamacare are now saying that it passed because of the stupidity of voters. If the plan wasn’t something that developers wanted to get passed, then why did they create it in the first place? Why did they try to develop something that is of such a massive haul only to go back and blame the voters who thought that it was a good idea?


When politicians have things go the way they want them to go, they want to take all of the credit. That is just how things work in life according to Lee G. Lovett and countless others. When things go bad and people don’t like the plans that are put in place, they want to blame the people who voted for the plan. It looks like there are some developers of Obamacare who knew that there would be flaws, and now they are trying anything possible to get out of taking the blame for the job that was done.

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  1. Hailee Edward

    August 29, 2017 at 8:08 am

    Instead of blaming the voters, the leaders should bury their heads in shame or at least because of not standing for what they vetted. Times like this, professional resume writing services help to reveal who is truly a leader and who is just probably a lobbyist looking for opportunity. People should know that Obama care cared about some of the most people in need to help them.

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