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Sussex Health Care has added a new addition of services to their health care homes. The department of audiology has opened in Surrey, Sussex. There is also another location with audiology services, this location is located in Berkshire. Sussex’s Health Care objective is to provide state of the art health care to all of their patients which is why they opened the new department.

The audiology department gives different test to their patients in order to see if they have contracted hearing loss related to aging. They provide hearing aids to the elders who do need them and does the fittings for the hearing aids as well.

Sussex Health Care Audiology has committed to providing the up most professional and moral help to all of their patients. They have made sure that all staff working at their facility has received special training, even after they have graduated and earned licenses for their profession. Sussex Health Care Audiology makes sure that all patients are treated like family. Sussex Health Care Audiology has routine infection control to ensure that patients are safe. Sussex Health Care Audiology is a facility that is registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Sussex Health Care Audiology is one of the best places to get treated for hearing loss because they will still be able to receive after care and more assessments even after three years from the original assessment.

Sussex Health Care Audiology is an accreditation facility. They are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. Their accreditation should bring reassurance to you and your family that they are the perfect place for your care. All of Sussex Health Care staff members licenses and certifications are up to date and they are well trained.

Sussex Health Care Audiology will would with you and your loved ones to ensure that they are given nothing but the best care. Patients will be treated with the best option for the hearing to be restored. Sussex Health Care has many different high tech devices made for everyone no matter what type of disorder the person has. Sussex is defiantly the best option for audiology treatment.

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