Since the economic meltdown of the 2006-2006, many changes have been implemented in the financial industry. This changes, on the other hand, has had tremendous effects on the normal person. People, on the other hand, have come up with ways of adapting. The restriction of borrowing of funds by financial institutions and lending institutions have led people to turn to stock-based loans. Stock-based loans have become popular for those people that cannot qualify for the credit based loans or those people who need quick cash for their ventures. Banks have made it difficult to acquire loans by tightening loan qualifications and at the same time increasing interest rates. A company called Equity First Holding has decided to come to the rescue of these people by offering Stock-based loans which have several differences with margin-based loans.

Equity First Holding uses stocks as collateral for the loan and releases them upon the maturation of the transaction. Equity First Holding is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and was founded by Al Christy. His main aim when establishing this company was to offer higher loans to needy people at a lower interest rate. Over the years, the Equity First Holding has managed to conduct approximately six hundred and fifty transactions that are worth over $1.4 billion. Equity First Holding has subsidiaries in other parts of the Globe Such as London, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong.

According to Equity First Holding, Stock-based loans are better compared to margin-based loans for several reasons. You can use stock-based loans for any particular purpose that pleases you. On the other hand, margin loans must be used for the purpose of which the money was borrowed for. Another difference between stock-based loan and margin loan is that one has a fixed interest rate while the other has an interest rate that varies.

This is unlike the past where unscrupulous lenders could refuse to return stocks upon the end of the transaction Equity First Holding is built on a code of integrity as well as a code of transparency. The company has a mission of offering the best services to their clients at a minimum risk and at the same time helping clients meet their financial targets.