If you like the feeling that comes with meeting someone new or engaging with people that you do not know, you have to check out the amazing social media application called Skout.Skout is nothing like the social media applications that many individuals use like Facebook and Twitter. Skout provides a completely different experience. Skout was created to help people connect with each other. The feature set offered in Skout is amazing and will have you making new friends before you know it, no matter where you are.

Travel Feature

The Travel feature offered by Skout allows you to select a major city from a list of cities around the world and you can then see posts from the locals as well as initiate chats with them. So whether you have always wanted to chat with an Italian man, or meet southerner who can eat an apple through a picket fence, Skout can help you make that connection. This feature is a great one for travelers. If you travel for business or pleasure often it is likely that at one point or another you have thought to yourself, “I wish I knew someone that lived in this area”. Now you can meet the locals without having to mingle in public gathering places like bars.

Shake to Chat

This is one of the most popular features offered through the Skout application. The Shake to Chat feature can help you meet new people and if you do not like the conversation, simply shake your mobile device to make a new connection with someone else. This is a great way to make new friends and to potentially meet the love of your life no matter where you are in the world. You never know who you might meet, so just take a risk and shake it up!

Feature Me

Do you like attention? Well of course you do, who doesn’t! With the Feature Me feature in Skout you can be sure to get a lot of it. This feature puts you at the top of the page so your profile can be seen by the Skout community and you can make more connections in your area than you ever thought possible.

Today is the Day
So what are you waiting for? Today is the day to get out there, to download Skout and to start making new friends. With over 700,000 users, you are sure to meet awesome people. In 2013, Skout reported that they had helped to make over 5 Million connections between users worldwide since creation in 2007.