Skiing And More With At A Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort

Home to the second deepest lake in the U.S., the Lake Tahoe region of California has long been associated with the vacations for people from all backgrounds. The western shoreline of Lake Tahoe itself has a wide range of ski resorts to choose from, including the historic Squaw Valley resort and its sister resort at Alpine Meadows; in recent years, the more than 300 days of sunshine on average this part of California receives has led to visitors arriving throughout the year to enjoy the best outdoor activities when the snow has fallen or when the summer arrives at

One of the most impressive aspects of the Lake Tahoe region is the wide range of activities and options available to visitors who have the opportunity to take in the many different peaks and landscapes. A good example is the wooded area of the Alpine Meadows resort that provides a unique and exciting option for every winter sports enthusiast to enjoy.

Alpine Meadows is the sister resort to the historic Squaw Valley resort, Alpine Meadows is a perfect spot to enjoy winter and warm weather pursuits on its own or as part of a trip to the wider Lake Tahoe region; with 402 inches of snowfall providing the longest winter season of any resort in the area Alpine Meadows continues to grow in popularity throughout the year. Just eight miles from Tahoe City, Alpine Meadows has become one of the most popular spots for those wanting to experience as much as possible of the Lake Tahoe region.

More than 4,000 acres of differing terrain brings visitors to this resort during the winter months for the plentiful snowfall; during the warmer months of the year Squaw Valley becomes a hotbed of music, hiking, mountain bike riding, and outdoor events. This perfectly designed historic mountain village has been designed so visitors never have to leave the resort with more than 30 restaurants and outdoor spaces for enjoying a romantic or family vacation to one of the best known resorts in the U.S.

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