Handy is an extremely convenient service which can make getting one’s house cleaned a simple, pain-free process. In order to schedule a cleaning an prospective customer only needs to enter three things: their zip code, number of rooms that need cleaning, and requested cleaning time. From here Handy will generate an instant quote to show the price for the full service, including tax and tip. At this point homeowners can decide whether or not the service is for them and by confirming agreement with the quoted price on recode.net they are well on their way to getting a perfectly clean home. After completing payment the Handy user has nothing left to do is Handy takes care of scheduling who will clean their house when they requested it and payment has already been processed.

This simple process makes the old way seem archaic. No longer is it necessary to comb through a phone book or peruse multiple websites to find a quality house cleaner. Now thanks to Handy on twitter your house can be made like new again after just a few clicks on their app. The application also helps to make pricing more transparent in an industry that has been anything but. In the past customers may have received rates all over the map from various cleaning services due to the cash heavy nature of the business. Along with this there was no real way to know which cleaners would provide good reliable work. Handy has solved all of these problems and more.

To ensure its users receive excellent work Handy screens each of its home cleaning professionals with a background check, interview, and reference check. After this the cleaner is brought through a rigorous on boarding process in order to make sure they know the quality of work that is expected of them. Thanks to this thorough process Handy is harder to get in to than Harvard. With only a 3% acceptance rate homeowners can rest easy knowing that they are being serviced by the best of the best.

Handy is not only useful for cleaning homes. Although home cleaning services currently account for a vast majority of its revenue the company is expanding in order to fully encompass any needs a homeowner may have. Among these are plumbing, handyman, and furniture assembly. Reliable, talented workers will arrive at the customer’s house to assist with any of these needs. Homeowners need not worry about putting together complicated dressers or beds anymore thanks to the home service professionals at Handy!