Immigration has been a hot button for a while now, and it’s one issue that Obama has tried to tackle in one way or another. Immigration Issues. Many people say that Obama is too light on immigration, and many are calling for tougher immigration reform. There are some people who say that undocumented immigrants should let themselves be known, and they should come out and let everyone know that the are here illegally. José Vargas, who is a Pulitzer Prize winner, and he also directed the documentary on MTV called “White People,” he believes that undocumented immigrants should come out.

José is looking at an undocumented immigrant coming out as something similar to when gays and lesbians come out of the closet. If you come out, and let the world know who you really are, they are more likely to accept you. Although José has a point, the fact is, accepting an illegal immigrant is not the problem. Many accept that there will be illegals here at any given time, but for those who have to pay their way into America, they feel it’s unfair for anyone to be here illegally.

Obama has been thinking of several ways that illegal immigrants can stay here legally, and basically pay their way towards becoming legal citizens reports Shaygan Kheradpir. Although it’s unsure what the future of immigration reform will be, the fact is, there are millions of illegal immigrants in the USA as we speak, so it’s not an issue that can be ignored.