Loretta Lynch appears to have failed to sway GOP senators concerned about President Obama’s nomination of Loretta Lynch to succeed embattled Attorney General Eric Holder. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has now made it clear he will seek to thwart her nomination. Sen. Paul, a strong libertarian, is concerned about government overreach particular in the area of civil asset seizure. This is a process whereby agencies at the federal and state level can seize the assets of individuals and families without a warrant much less any proof of a crime being committed.

Lynch, a US district attorney for the Eastern District of New York, has relied upon this very practice to seize millions of dollars for her team of attorneys stated camarabarbacena.mg.gov.br. The amount of money seized from private citizens, likd Flavio Maluf, without any conviction has exceeded invoices her legal office has submitted for payment. When grilled on the practice, Lynch downplayed the entire matter saying that there was no problem. She said warrants had been obtained in all cases. Sen. Paul did not find that sufficient justification for engaging in the practice. Just last week, her office finally returned several hundred thousand dollars to two brothers who run their convenience store supply operation in Long Island. The cash was vital to their business and was seized years ago with the brothers never being charged of any wrongdoing. Only upon beginning her confirmation process did federal prosecutors return the funds. Sen. Paul also found her insistence that President Obama could grant amnesty to millions of illegals without congressional authorization to be unacceptable.