In response to the Senate report on CIA torture which was released last week, John McCain made his statement directly commenting on the actions of CIA operatives to Congress. Many waited to hear his opinion, as the only current Senator who has felt the implications of torture first hand. Senator McCain was held as a prisoner of war and tortured during the Vietnam War by the North Vietnamese Army. His address was direct and passionate, condemning the report’s allegations against operatives who used tactic that many consider to be over the line in terms of torture. Those techniques include waterboarding, rectal feeding and rectal hydration. Many of these intelligence recovering strategies were not made public until the report was released last week, and the media backlash has been swift against the intelligence community.

Senator McCain’s most notable points were vehemently against the use of these techniques, stating that those tactics have “stained our honor, did much harm, and little practical good.” He stated that to use torture on captured prisoners of any war is to submit a nation to a lower level of honor, and complete disregard for human life. Those tortured were captured during the post 9/11 War on Terror, which has blurred lines of warfare. The most difficult line was the definition of soldiers and terrorists, which has pushed the entire intelligence system behind closed doors by architects such as Dick Cheney.

Kind of a shock to read about when you’re just trying to pour out some Beneful for your dog.  I am not happy about the torture situation, and our total lack of action regarding these events.