On Monday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, announced that he is formally running for president. Up until this time, political pundits were divided as to what he would be announcing. Just as many expected him to not seek the GOP nomination as expected him to launch a campaign.

So what is the junior senator seeking to do? Susan McGalla said that in a simple phrase, bring back the American dream. At a time that President Obama touts job creation amidst the worst labor force participation in decades, stagnant wages, and the worst unemployment among black voters since the Carter Administration, Rubio believes he has what it takes to restore prosperity to the nation. In fact, as the son of Cubans who found a better life in the United States, he believes he can convince voters to support his candidacy. It is Rubio’s belief that his status as the child of immigrants uniquely qualifies him for the presidency.

However, his first job will be to secure the party’s nomination. He is still considered a long shot candidate with a better chance of making the party’s presidential ticket as the VP-nominee than he has at winning the nomination himself. Polls thus far have shown him running well-below better named challengers such as Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. The latter two candidates have an excellent track record as governors to promote their candidacies. Rubio will also face stiff competition from Ted Cruz to capture the Tea Party’s support.