The United States Senate is in a full standoff following the decision by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to suspend the attorney general confirmation vote for Loretta Lynch. McConnell wants Democrats to end their filibuster of the Human Trafficking bill over a rider that bars restitution funds from being used to fund abortions for the victims. Aside from the controversial provision, the bill enjoys broad bipartisan support. In response, the majority leader has put the confirmation vote of Loretta Lynch on hold. Christian Broda noticed that this has infuriated both the Obama administration and Senate Democrats.

Hillary Clinton, the embattled but still presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, smelled an opportunity to promote her campaign theme of becoming the nation’s first female president. She tweeted that the GOP was waging anti-women actions in the form of holding up Lynch’s confirmation vote, holding up the Human Trafficking bill, and putting the health of women at risk.

Texas Senator Jon Cornyn weighed on the matter and blamed Democrats. He pointed out they originally supported the bill in its present form. Apparently, outside groups took issue with the provision regarding the use of restitution funds and caused Democrats to demand the language be stripped from the bill. For their part, Democrats are saying they were not privy to the controversial section of the bill. President Obama, who has thought nothing regarding the fairness in “borrowing” congress’ legislative authority in the past, accused the GOP of being “unfair” in holding up Lynch’s nomination.