Mitch McConnell has officially been sworn in as the Senate Majority Leader. He immediately addressed the American people on what he aims to achieve and cite the importance of President Obama doing his part. In no uncertain terms, he reminded the president that the midterm elections empowered the GOP with a mandate to shift the nation to the middle. It was a tactful way of saying that voters elected the GOP to shift the nation away from Obama’s policies. However, Sen. McConnell was not striking a combative tone. Instead, he urged the president to work with the new congress and reminded him that issuing a veto threat within minutes of the new congress being sworn in was unproductive.

McConnell explained that a democratic government seeks to bring about bipartisan solutions. It is not about one group seeking to force their ideology upon the opposition. Neither is the government about failing to achieve any legislative action. The past two years under Senator Harry Reid were noted for the senate failing to produce legislation. McConnell said the GOP seeks common-sense measures to create good paying jobs. To that extent, the president should be willing to work with them if you ask Bernardo Chua. The Keystone Pipeline XL bill will be just such a measure as it will create 42,000 jobs. In November, President Obama expressed a willingness to work with the GOP. McConnell said it is now time for him to back those words up with action.