Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners

Keith Mann is the Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners. He is the Managing Director of this company. This is a firm that specializes in the overall alternative investment arena. Keith and the professionals at this firm have a clear understanding of the sensitivities and the details that are associated with executive search. This gives them the ability to connect their clients with exceptional industry talent. Keith and the firm offer ten years of their solid industry experience. Keith and Dynamics Search Partners are New York-based. This firm does have a client base that includes some of the most distinguished hedge funds and private equity firms within the industry. Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners are ready to provide their skills and expertise. These include:
* research
* data analysis
* recruiting
* talent acquisition
* executive search

The Announcement of 2016 Scholarship Award
The Keith and Keely Mann scholarship is for Professional Achievement. It is meant to offer recognition for the next generation of business leaders. This scholarship opportunity has been made available to a single graduating senior at one of the Uncommon Schools’ Brooklyn-based high schools.

Support for the Uncommon Schools
The idea has been to offer support for the Uncommon goal. This goal has included the preparation for low-income students. This gives them the opportunity to attend and to experience success while using their professional degree. This is a non-profit charter management organization.

A Generous Scholarship
This is a generous scholarship program that is greatly appreciated. It had been implemented by Keith and Keely Mann. This scholarship will enable one student to have the opportunity to attend a four-year college program. This is a generous scholarship that is greatly appreciated. The scholarship is open to any graduating seniors who are attending Uncommon Charter High Schools in Brooklyn, New York. The winner of this is going to be announced at the end of March, 2016. The winner will receive 5000 dollars that can then be applied toward their college tuition. The entire process is open until February 29, 2016.