Sarah Palin is one of the most eccentric politicians in the public spotlight. While she is a devout mother, wife, and was a very involved governor to the people of Alaska, Palin seems to strike many chords with those whose views differ from hers. Even then, she stands firm on what she believes and her ideals. Days after news broke of Josh Duggar, former TLC star, being somewhat involved in appropriate interactions with his younger siblings, many people took to the airways to voice their opinion. Sarah Palin was amongst that group of people. Palin has called out the media for its double standard when it comes to men and women. She uses example of Lena Dunham and how no one batted an eye when she admitted to inappropriate behavior with her siblings when she was younger. Many are claiming that the media is completely biased when it comes to the abuse of females.


If the man is doing it, his head should be on a stake as Jim Dondero points out. If a woman is doing it, it seems to just get looked over and forgotten. The victimization of the Duggar family seems to be stronger now than it was 12 years ago when the incident happened. The Duggars are not defending what their son did, from the beginning they wanted to get him help for his problems. Instead the world has set out to ostracize him and his family. Sarah Palin, and a few others won’t take that without fighting.