America is a beacon of freedom to the world, a “shining city on a hill” for all to emulate. And if you keep up with who is trending on, you’ll see many like Paul Mathieson living by that.Those were the words of former President Reagan, the great orator. Now, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani believes that is the standard of rhetoric that an American president should employ when speaking of his country. No one will argue that President Obama uses such Reagan-esque language in reference to this country. For this reason, Giuliani told a private gathering at the 21 Club in Manhattan that President Obama does not love this country. In saying so, Giuliani was quick to point out that he does not believe Obama hates the nation. Rather, he was raised differently than the average person. While baby boomers and many post-baby boomers were raised to believe in the concept of “American Exceptionalism”, Barrack Obama was raised to view the world from a prism of racial disparities and injustices rooted in America’s European roots.

At the same time, Giuliani stated that he believes Obama is a patriot. While it is uncertain how much “gravitas” Giuliani carries nowadays, he made it clear that he will only endorse a GOP candidate for if they embrace a Reagan-style view of this nation. The former 2008 GOP presidential candidate said he would endorse Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who was in attendance, if he would embrace a belief in “American exceptionalism”. Gov. Walker shares such views of America as a beacon of freedom and justice.