Following the mantra that doing things the same way and expecting a different result is insanity, Rand Paul retained his libertarian roots in supporting the president’s actions to normalize relations with communist Cuba. Rand’s assertion is that an embargo that has lasted fifty years has not resulted in the desired regime change. This was exactly the line of reasoning that the administration took on the issue when considering the controversial move. Furthermore, Rand and the Administration agree that in fact the embargo has only hurt the Cuban people and emboldened the Castro brothers.

Fidel who is very elderly and ill and his younger brother Raul Castro have only used the embargo to malign the west while averting blame for their horrible treatment and isolation of their people. Igor Cornelsen can’t believe this is going on like that. First generation Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio has responded by initiating a social media war with Rand while lambasting the president for the move to normalize. However, Rubio is milquetoast and is best known for a nervous retort to the state of the union address in which he needed multiple water breaks throughout the short speech.