Computer Sciences Corporation was founded in 1959 by Roy and Fletcher. Their aim was to provide the then computer manufacturers with sophisticated computer programs; ‘assemblers’. This is the modern day software to make the computers work.

Over the past five decades, CSC has grown tremendously spreading to over 70 countries worldwide. It has created thousands of both direct and indirect employment opportunities in these countries. All has been done without the organization losing focus on its mission of using technology to attain results.

CSC has continually developed new and reliable Information Technology tools. This is the secret to their unwavering association with their partners. They have also partnered with other governmental and non-governmental agencies that use their services.

Among the list of its partners is the United States Government. CSC is expected to come up with dynamic mechanisms to feed the ever-changing technological needs like maintaining the federal tax system. Weighed down by these hefty demands from its clients and need to remain competitive, CSC has devised many programs for the current times and in anticipation of the changing technology.

It is also the outstanding abilities of their leaders that have kept the company afloat over these five decades. Currently, CSC is under the able leadership of Eric Pulier a lead philanthropist, technologist, and entrepreneur.

Eric has founded and co-founded many companies and movements some of which deal with technology or technological aspects such as the Desktone and Media Platform. He is also a visionary who believes in using technology to get things done.

In the past, Pulier has been involved in several high-profile projects both with the government and independent agencies. One such project is the honor to organize the Presidential Technology Exhibition, the bridge to the 21st century, in 1997. This is what pulled him to the limelight. Eric Pulier’s profile is linked.

His interest in technology however, did not start with the exhibition rather; the exhibition was just an honor of the many undertakings he had already begun. His interest in technology was born way back in his teenage years. This is evidenced by the case that he had already started a database computer company while still in high school.

It is such brilliance, entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to achieve that CSC attracts and encourages. All this is on the understanding that the world of technology is an ever-changing one and requires creativity to keep up. CSC understands to maintain growth and competitive advantage it has to invest in new and fresh minds.

For CSC, the hard part has not been existing in the past 50years; it has been keeping up with the ever-changing client and technological needs. However, it has made it so far and looking forward, the future is still promising.