The early days in life for Cassio Audi were more exciting than the lives of most of us. He was known as the drummer for the band Viper. He was a founding member of that band when they got their start in 1985.

The band took its time to put out its first album, but it finally did so in 1987 when “The Killer Sword” was released. It was a unique album because all of the songs were in English despite this being the second language of all band members. Even so, the album did mildly well. Some critics said that the sound needed to be tweaked a bit, but in the years since the album has been redone several times.

It wasn’t until 1989 that the band was able to release the album Theatre of Fate. This second album did a lot better than the first right out of the gate. It received a lot of praise and was a really big hit. Even with all of this success coming his way, Cassio Audi still had other dreams that he wanted to pursue. He was interested in a career in business/finance and he went for it.

Leaving the band in 1989 was probably not an easy decision for the man, but it is the choice that he ultimately made. He decided that he needed to go after those business dreams and so latched on to doing just that. He was able to make more fame for himself for his work in the real estate industry in particular.

These are the types of things that make a person well known and can get them to be put in the history books so to speak. Cassio Audi has done multiple things in his life that might earn him this honor.