There are many concepts in banking that are both new and progressive, but consigned credit is one of the best new ideas that has not always been around at banks. It is a great concept that allows different customers to be able to get the credit that they need and helps reduce the waste of extremely high credit lines in different banking situations. It has not only helped the customers, but has allowed employees to become more successful in their careers. Consigned credit has allowed the BMG bank in Brazil to become one of the best banks and has created a top position for the bank within the banking industry in Brazil. It is an awesome opportunity for not only successful customers and employees, but also successful banks. Consigned credit being a success is nearly always run by a head of the bank and is only successful if the ideas for the program are created properly. Consigned credit programs are not supposed to be easy.

The bank has become successful due to many different factors, with consigned credit being one of the biggest factors. This is something that has not only allowed the bank to become better, but has also allowed customers to see more out of the bank they chose to do business with. It is a great idea and the bank has had success in other areas as a result of the success that was first created with the consigned credit program at Brazil’s BMG bank. All of these programs are successful because they have had a great leader.

Ricardo Guimarães is one of the best leaders as far as banks in Brazil go. He has worked to make the bank successful because he knows that is very important to making the bank better for customers. He is only concerned with customer’s satisfaction. He knows that is the major draw factor and one of the biggest parts of ensuring the bank will continue to be progressive and successful. The programs he has created, like consigned credit, are what has allowed the bank to flourish and the customers to remain satisfied. He has also contriduted with social investments by sponsoring some major sport events and clubs.

In 1980, Ricardo Guimarães began his BMG bank career. He did this as a young man and had high aspirations. These were met in 1989, only a short time after he started, when he was appointed the financial executive officer. He was successful at this and created the consigned credit program at this time. He was promoted in 1996 to the CEO of the bank and continued to push for the success of the bank. In 2004, an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up arose. He was able to purchase the bank and now functions as the owner and president.