The FCC recently classified broadband internet as a Title II utility. There’s no doubt that those without internet access today are at a disadvantage. The FCC proposed subsidizing internet access for the poor in order to provide them the same opportunities as others get to help them get ahead in life. Republicans, unsurprisingly, shot down the idea immediately.

The proposal by the FCC was an extension of a previously operating campaign to help the needy known as Lifeline. Lifeline gave access to information and emergency services to those who couldn’t afford it according to the CPA coach Ivan Ong. The FCC would like to do the same for internet access.

Most Republicans would argue that the Lifeline program, along with subsidized internet access for the poor, is a waste of money. There are concerns that too much money is lost in fraud and providing accountability is always difficult. The current Lifeline program is questionable at best and expanding it might be a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.

The FCC is still considering the subsidization despite the criticism of the GOP. There will be a vote held during a June 18th meeting to decide the fate of internet subsidies for the poor.